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How we live now, in a photo

Winnie bear

Yesterday, I took a picture of me cuddling my Winnie Bear. I sent it to a friend. Maybe she would find it cute. When you are down, bored, and animation is suspended, Look no further than your own Winnie Bear. Turn on your Netflix,…


Some sweet potatoes I cooked this morning

The sweet potatoes are roasting. The garlic is roasting. The onions are stir-frying. I am roasting, too. Roasting in inertia. I will remember HIV for triggering my hypochondria when I was 11. I will remember COVID-19 for triggering my boredom when I was 35…

ASPIE Thoughts on covid-19

#abidebyrestrictions #practicesocialdistancing #washyourhands #thinkofthebulnerable #testtesttest #flattenthecurve #singlepayernow #medicareforall #wewillseethesunagain

On empathy

Today someone asked me, quite innocently, how I could be an aspie and an empath at the same time. I wasn’t offended at all. After all, she is a friend. However, I did say that a lot of the social skills I do have…

Anxiety in a crazy world

Sometimes, you have to settle for having “a day” 🙂

seeking shade

My light sensitivity and the squinting of my eyes in all my photos made me look even more awkward than, as an aspie, I felt already. So, when I posed for a picture, my sunglasses were like my superhero cape and my disguise! It…


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